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We are the 'Packers' and we live south of Wood River in South Central Nebraska.  We are the primary caregivers of these wonderful puppies.  We started our kennel business in 1986 so that we could have some extra income as Nancy became a stay-at-home mom.  Our sons are now grown and our oldest son has joined us in our business.

We are State licensed and in good standing.  We get unannounced inspections from them and that helps keep us on our toes.  We think that the better conditions we have for the dogs, the healthier dogs and puppies we will raise.  It makes sense to us...

We love taking care of these puppies more then ever now even though we are old enough to be completely retired.  There is nothing more rewarding then to watch and help a puppy from the day it is born until we feel that they are big enough and healthy enough to join a new family.

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